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  • Providing the best solar equipment to northern California home owners

  • we provide only top-rated solar panel systems for houses 

  • our team of highly reviewed electrical contractors provides honest, reliable information so you can decide the solar energy system that's right for your home

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars on Google, Yelp & Facebook



We show you, the customer, how to buy solar the right way, giving you options and looking at your house as a whole.

All On Electric and Solar can evaluate your home and find where you are losing energy and address those needs. Instead of just putting solar on your roof to cover oversights in things such as insulation, windows, air leaks, lighting, we can give you an estimate to upgrade the areas. In most cases, we can save up to 30% when addressing these areas. It is more cost effective to conserve energy than to produce it. These savings transplant to you having to buy 30% less solar. We will consult with your family about energy conservation for your home or business, ensuring that our clients receive all the tax benefits and cash incentives that come with owning your Solar Energy System.


The area required by a rooftop PV plant depends on the extent of shade-free space available and solar panel efficiency.


A home backup generator delivers power directly to your home’s electrical system, backing up your entire home or just the most essential items.


If you own an older home, a main service panel replacement may be perfect for increasing safety, comfort, and accessibility.


In commercial and residential, ground-mount PV systems install arrays in open spaces when available roof area is limited, obstructed or nonexistent.



Solar parking structures are durable and attractive, and they also serve several purposes – from protecting cars, drivers and asphalt from the elements to generating electricity.


Scheduling a free, in home solar analysis is the first step to saving money on your electricity bill! Please contact us for your appointment today. We are eager to help you save on your energy bill.

Solar is one of the best investments for your home


Going solar is not like buying an appliance for your home – it’s an investment that can provide you a 20% return. Other purchases and improvements for your home simply cannot provide this type of financial benefit.

Solar Energy Equipment Installer | Livermore | All On Electric & Solar
Solar Energy Equipment Installer | Livermore | All On Electric & Solar

Get Positive Cash Flow


Your system will usually pay for itself in 5 – 6 Years


The graph above indicates a 4kw system, which is typically used in a 1500 – 2000 sq/ft home and the amount saved on a yearly basis using PG&E’s tiered system for usage as well as a 4% PG&E yearly inflation rate.

Get Solar for $0 Down


Solar is one of the best investments for your future. $0 down is all you need to go solar – whether you’re financing to own your system or you qualify for a lease you will not be required to come out of pocket to take advantage of solar. We have all of the options the industry offers. The question is which is right for you?

Solar Energy Equipment Installer | Livermore | All On Electric & Solar
Solar Energy Equipment Installer | Livermore | All On Electric & Solar

Which is Best for my Home?

Let us help make the right decision for you… not us. Buying vs. Leasing a solar panel system? The answer is to know the difference before you make your decision. In order to do this you need to make sure you are dealing with a company that is not owned or controlled by a leasing company. This is a simply a conflict of interest. We have a list of finance options that allow you to own your system and a list of companies that offer leasing too. The difference is that we discuss your personal needs and objectives and then we advise you on the best way to go solar. The fact is this is your project – your system – your finance needs. Not ours. This way there is no conflict of interest.

Monitor Your System Anywhere


Real-time results on your mobile device

Track your energy production through our online/mobile friendly monitoring systems. Simple to read – simple to understand- share it with your friends and family.

Solar Energy Equipment Installer | Livermore | All On Electric & Solar


"From the initial consultation with Joel to the final inspection, we were incredibly pleased with their professionalism and work."

Beth L, Alamo, CA

Solar Energy Equipment Installer | Livermore | All On Electric & Solar
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