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Residential projects include new additions, renovations of old homes, and complete electrical installations for new homes. With 3 locations in California (Livermore, Santa Rosa, and Fresno) and serving the Northern and Central California areas, we are a company of electrical contractors specializing in service and repair. Customer service is our top priority.  All On Electric and Solar has highly skilled electricians who are clean and courteous. With some professional advice from the trusted and highly referred electricians at All On Electric, you will be able to make a knowledgeable decision on the work that will be done. Our electricians have also been trained to educate you, the customer and give you all options available. Our friendly office staff is ready to take your calls with any questions you may have about any of the services we provide.

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We show you, the customer, how to buy solar the right way, giving you options and looking at your house as a whole. All On Electric and Solar can evaluate your home and find where you are losing energy and address those needs. Instead of just putting solar on your roof to cover oversights in things such as insulation, windows, air leaks, lighting, we can give you an estimate to upgrade the areas. In most cases we can save up to 30% when addressing these areas. It is more cost effective to conserve energy than to produce it. These savings transplant to you having to buy 30% less solar. We will consult with your family about energy conservation for your home or business, ensuring that our clients receive all the tax benefits and cash incentives that come with owning your Solar Energy System.

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